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Washington State Campgrounds on the Columbia River

Washington State RV Parks

Campgrounds in Washington State, on the Olympic Peninsula, in Mount Rainier National Park and more are plentiful and well maintained for all of the wilderness lovers and family campers visiting each year. Whether you arrive in these campgrounds for the first time to explore places along the Mount Baker Highway, take in the scenery along Blewett Pass, or enjoy the holidays from the KOA in Leavenworth WA. If you’re looking to lose yourself among the majesty of the refreshing scents of the Giant Cedar Trees, you can find campgrounds on the western side of Washington that will make this happen for you.

Lake Roosevelt Campgrounds

There is some 27 campgrounds along the shores of Lake Roosevelt that are available for camping on a first come basis.

Below is a list of Washington State Campgrounds

Have you ever wondered what campgrounds are open in Washington State? We all have found ourselves from time to time wondering just that and finding the information can be some what tricky at times.

Washington State Campgrounds and RV Parks!

Often, Washington State Campgrounds and RV Parks will provide group discounts of 15% off or more, depending upon the time and number of people you’re arriving with. Belonging to Club like Good Sam’s or KOA can also get you discounts at some of the highest quality campground and other Washington State lodging. And of course, members of the U.S. military and AAA typically qualify for additional discounts on stays at campgrounds in Washington State.

It’s a common misconception that just because you will be staying at a Washington State National Park campground during your vacation, you must endure rustic privations and be prepared to live in the wild backcountry wilderness. Actually, there are many levels of lodging options available in most national park and private campgrounds. Some RV sites come complete with WiFi access (usually pay for play), and they provide showers and a communal indoor area. You can also reserve yurts, which are essentially cozy little huts that include futons, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, and other amenities.

A variety of cabin packages are also available at many Washington State National Parks as well as at private campgrounds making your lodging choices easier. Basic cabins can provide beds, small appliances, and possibly, a television. The more premium and luxury cabins, on the other hand, can sleep more people, provide an array of heating and cooling options, and serve as essentially rental homes in a wilderness setting.

For the more adventurous at heart, you can find campground in Washington State that put you truly into the heart of the wilderness. These havens allow you to just bring your gear, pitch your tent, and enjoy the natural serenity and fresh air far away from development. Bear in mind that if you decide to pitch a tent in the back country campgrounds of Washington State, you must abide by the rules governing fires and garbage. These regulation and any other specific ones to your chosen location can be found at the appropriate ranger stations in the area.

Typically, rates for camping in Washington State are reasonability inexpensive; campgrounds with RV hookups do charge more for these services however you typically have choices as to pay for only those services you plan to use. Cabin rentals when available will vary depending on their sizes, locations, local taxes and with the season. The character of many of the campgrounds in Washington State changes drastically from one season to another.

Spring: As a rule of thumb, during the spring months, water from the snow and ice melt leads to the formation of cascading waterfalls that bring out photographers and hikers to take in the birth of another camping season. Be aware that certain roads leading up to the mountain campgrounds in the Cascades and Olympics may be rendered inaccessible by acclimate weather, run-off and road maintenance or closures.

Summer: During summer season, campgrounds around the state become more populated – although given that the state is so large and diverse, I would never say that it gets “overly crowded.” Your more popular campgrounds around the populated areas or near certain activities will surely be near capacity. If this happens to you, look at some of the lesser known campgrounds and prepare to discover why the campground was located there.

Great points to visit during the summer include the Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, The Olympic Peninsula, and any of the Mountain Passes. Looking for something a little warmer, head on over to Wenatchee or up into the pristine Okanogan region of Washington State. Go hiking to high mountain alpine lakes, gaze at the numerous and spectacular waterfalls, explore frontier towns, pan for gold, bike over the Louis and Clark trails, and just fill your lungs with some of the freshest mountain air in North America. While on the topic of Eastern Washington, have you ever seen Palouse Falls? How about the vineyards and winegrower chateaus of Walla Walla?

Fall: Many of the Washington State Campgrounds stay open during the fall as this is one of the favorite times for the RV crowd to experience the fall colors and view the wildlife of Washington State. Many areas offer that burst of color during the autumn months as all the leaves on the trees and shrubs begin turning vibrant colors in the forests and in the towns too. Places like Leavenworth and Maple Falls are popular places to enjoy this time of the year. The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad also offers weekend Fall Color Tours departing from Elbe, Washington and including Mineral Lake. Tenino RV Park, Offut Lake Resort, is open year round and makes a great place to base your Fall Color Tours on the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad from. They also offer for cabins, fishing, and boat rentals and are one of the many Washington campgrounds that are open all year long.

Fall camping opportunities are plentiful for camping, picnicking, hiking, photography, wildlife viewing, and mountain biking are open to you. Moreover, campgrounds in Washington State typically lower their rates during the autumn months to attract more clients away from the State and Federal Parks.
Winter: Washington State Campgrounds open in the winter months, basically November through February, are often described as being a haven of solitude and tranquility. Some of the most picturesque scenery you can ever imagine is found at this time of the year. Winter camping has been totally redefined with the amenities of the modern RV and a campground with services to match. Now year round camping is available to people of all ages and abilities.

When staying at any of the Washington State Campgrounds mentioned in this website, if you decide to venture off and into any of the State or National Park Wilderness Areas, you will need to obtain the proper camping permits all year round for overnight trips. The State of Washington and the National Park Service websites provide information about how to obtain such permits.

You should also check out local weather conditions before you plan day-to-day activities. Your campground hosts can provide insight about where to find the best seasonal activities, where to find local recreation areas, where to access supplies and food, and where to do laundry and obtain internet access as well as good cell phone service.

When planning out a vacation to any Washington State Campground, it may befit you to be prepared for a number of weather contingencies. Remembering that this is Washington and if you’re planning to be away for some time, bring rain and cool weather gear, even if you’re headed out on a relatively warm and sunny time of the year. Also, call ahead to find out whether the roads leading to and from your campground will be accessible during the time you plan to be there.

Let's Go Camping In Washington State

No to be considered as all inclusive, this web site will be focusing upon the various campgrounds and RV parks we frequent during our explorations throughout the State of Washington. Our journeys will include all four seasons of the year, typical retired travelers, and report on the conditions and availability of the campgrounds and RV parks when we visit them. Realizing that many are open only during peak camping seasons, the need for a web site listing year round campgrounds seemed like something that might be interesting so we are dedication a large portion of this site to just such, open all year campgrounds in Washington State.

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Sometimes we are forced to experience what it was like in the old days before we had the electric generators that make camping so enjoyable.

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Aah, now this is livin', No sense roughin' it if you don't have to. When you're looking for a real relaxing camping experience, the Full Service RV Parks in Washington State are just the ticket.