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The Grande Ronde River is located approximately 30 miles south of Clarkston WA. on Highway 129 near Anatone, WA. Fishing anglers enjoy the camping on Fish and Game property along the shores of the Grande Ronde River. Camping is only allowed in designated spots along the banks of the Grande Ronde.

Camping Areas

There are plenty of areas to pull off and set up a small tent camp along the Grande Ronde River Road as well as along the banks when fishing the river from a raft or drift boat. There is also a small non-develpoped camping area at the bridge along State Route 129.





Steelhead Fishing

A lot of the steelhead fishing on the Grande Ronde River takes place during the fall and winter months of October through late November and later if water conditions permit.

Bank Fishing:

Float Trips:

Lodging and Meals: Boggan's Oasis offers a few RV hookups plus some cozy cabins and a restaurant on the banks of the river south of Anatone, WA.

Bass Fishing

The Grande Ronde River has a very good smallmouth bass fishery that is best fished in the heat of June and July.

Combining your small mouth bass trip with some rainbow trout fishing is really popular in the warm and dry summer months of June - August.




The Grande Ronde River in Washington State.




Grande Ronde River Guide Services

Grande Ronde River fishing guide services and shuttle service for rafters and drift boat fishing.

A Grande Ronde River Guide — John Sullivan runs a local river guide service fishing year round for bass and steelhead on the Grande Ronde River in Southwest Washington.



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