Campgrounds in Washington State


Full Service RV Parks in Washington State!

Washington State RV Parks come with a variety of services and amenities that make the campers stay more enjoyable and entertaining. But not all the services are just for pleasure. Those little things like those 30 and 50 amp electrical hookups can really make a difference in the overall camping experience. Sure we could run the generators but who really wants to hear all that noise or smell all that exhaust when a simple plug can take it all away.

Campgrounds with 30 and 50 amp electrical hook-ups as well as water, sewer and cable TV can make your stay more enjoyable. By knowing what is available in service configurations before you get there is as important as the services themselves. If all that is available is 50 amp service and your set up for 30 amp, you will need an adapter to connect to tour RV to the provided electrical panel. Be sure you have these adapters with you before you arrive at the campground.

RV Parks With Hookups in WA.

When referring to full service RV parks we will be including those that offer at minimum water sewer and a minimum of 30 amp electrical service. 50 amp when offered will be noted throughout this website as will satellite or cable TV.

Having fresh water located at your campsite is a real benefit and when you're planning on staying at one park for an extended period it is often considered a must. Thankfully, just about every campsite that offers electrical hookups also comes with fresh potable water too.

But sewer or septic can be a different matter. Sometimes it is available on site just not at each campsite. Although not a major deal. it does require periodic trips to the dump station. What I don't like is when there is no dump station on site. There is little I dislike more then the midnight run looking to find a place to empty the black water tank.